Linnanmäki – Amusement park tripled their safety observations

For Linnanmäki Amusement Park, safety is everything. Gate Apps’ safety observation system is a key part of overall safety maintenance. The change from paper to electronic made it much easier to record observations.

Linnanmäki, located in Helsinki, is Finland’s oldest amusement park. Linnanmäki has more than 40 amusement park rides, various games, and restaurants and cafes.

For Linnanmäki, safety is the most important thing of all. We have a saying that safety is 1, 2, and 3.

Vesa Sell, Safety Manager at Linnanmäki

Overal safety improves

Linnanmäki and Gate Apps jointly created a security system suitable for amusement park use. The system was put into use right at the beginning of the amusement park season.

With the safety observations, we get information about all deflections and thereby improve our overall safety. We want as many observations as possible to be recorded.

Vesa Sell, Safety Manager at Linnanmäki

The system was developed in close cooperation throughout the entire process.

We had several workshops with Gate Apps. They were able to say directly what they could do and, on the other hand, also tell if something didn’t work out. We were able to note how we should do some things differently. There was always the necessary realism involved in the making. We knew what we were doing

Vesa Sell, Safety Manager at Linnanmäki

A plain system makes recording observations easy

The new security system is intended for use by the entire staff, but especially by seasonal staff. Before the introduction of the new system, safety observations were written on paper and the paper was delivered to the supervisor. After that, the supervisor recorded the observations in the Excel system, from which they could be read in summary.

The new system brought a certain kind of culture change. Most of our staff are young, in their twenties. It is very natural for them to use a mobile phone at work and make observations with the phone. The most significant thing here was that even though our season was short due to the Covid, there were still three times as many observations compared to previous years.

Vesa Sell, Safety Manager at Linnanmäki